Other Great Podcasts

Enjoy some other excellent podcasts!

These are some podcasts you may not be aware of, but are well worth your time. Once you’re done with History of Rome and Hardcore History, take the next step into historical podcasting with these excellent shows.

General Histories

Literature and History by Doug Metzger


I love this show so much. Doug Metzger brings passion, scholarship and music to his production – every show features a unique song about its subject. Add to that some top-notch humour and personality, and you have a winner. Website, iTunes.

Historium by Jake Barton


One of my current favourites. Historium tells stories from the past, in one-off episodes exploring different tales in detail. Host Jake Barton brings depth, humour and pathos to his narratives, and the show can be hilarious, exciting and tearful. Website, FacebookiTunes.

Specific Histories

The Ancient World by Scott Chesworth


Scott’s exploration of the ancient world is a top-notch blend of quality historical narrative and entertaining storytelling. From the beginnings of organised statehood in Mesopotamia and Egypt, to the heights of the Palmyrene Empire (and their tangles with Rome), Scott takes you on a wonderful journey through fascinating times. Website, iTunes.

The History of Ancient Greece by Ryan Stitt


The story of ancient Greece, from its archaic origins to the time of the Roman conquest.  Ryan knows his subject intimately, and he brings ancient Greece to you with all the detail you could want – and then a bit more for good measure. Website & iTunes.

The History of Byzantium by Robin Pierson


If you haven’t heard Robin Pierson’s podcast, you need to now. The natural “sequel” to the History of Rome by Mike Duncan, this show tells the complex, weird and magnificent story of the Eastern Romans (Byzantines) as they struggled to maintain their power in a changing world. Always compelling, informative and rich in detail, Robin’s work is a monument to great podcasting. Website & iTunes.

The History of the Crusades by Sharyn Eastaugh

Welcome to the Crusades, one of history’s most mythologized and misunderstood eras. Host Sharyn Eastaugh takes us through the famous Crusades between Christian powers and the Islamic Kingdoms, but also into the lesser-known campaigns against Christian heretics within Europe. A powerful and compelling story, well worth your time. Website & iTunes.

The History of India by Kit Patrick


The story of the Indian subcontinent, written by a passionate and articulate historian.  Musical accompaniment and great storytelling make a wonderful show. Website & iTunes.

The History of China by Chris Stewart


The story of the Chinese people and their world: from the legendary first Dynasties to the coming of Mao. A truly epic tale. Website & iTunes.

History of the Papacy by Stephen Guerra


This is a delightful show, exploring the political, religious and scandalous history of the Popes of Rome. It explores the biographies of the Papal rulers, and investigates the back-streets of their world. A tour unlike any other, told with passion and curiosity. Website, iTunes.

The History of England by David Crowther


The story of England and the English: monarchs and peasants; bishops and merchants. A sweeping story told with care and detail. Website & iTunes.

The History of English by Kevin Stroud


I love etymology and language history: host Kevin Stroud brings what might seem an academic subject to vivid life, and he explores the history that made English the bizarre, incomprehensible mish-mash that it is today. Website & iTunes.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. dukeofethereal says:

    History of Philosophy without any Gaps by Peter Adamson and BBC Radio 4 by Melvyn Bragg are two other phenomenal podcast series.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      You are absolutely right! I will have to add these to the list.


  2. Please take a look at literatureandhistory.com. Outstanding podcast.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      I have added it to the list, and updated everything generally 🙂

  3. christophto says:

    The History of Rome..how has that missed this list??

    1. DominicPerry says:

      I take it for granted that people know that one 🙂

  4. Adam McCarthy Camilleri says:

    There is The Ancient World, that’s a great podcast that I think is finished now and History of the Papacy which is also great.

    Although they do bow to their Pharaoh!

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Have added them in

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