Other Great Podcasts

Ancient History

The History of Ancient Greece


Website. The story of ancient Greece, from its archaic origins to the time of the Roman conquest.

The History of India


Website.The story of the Indian subcontinent, in all its complexity and glory.

The History of China


Website. The story of the Chinese people and their world: a truly epic tale.

The History of England


Website. The story of England, from the end of Roman Britain to the present day.

The History of Byzantium


Website. The story of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, from AD 476 to 1453. The natural follow-on to the History of Rome.

Emperors of Rome


Website. A discussion-based exploration of the various Roman Emperors. Their reigns, their lives, and how we know about them.

The History of Rome


Website. You know what this is. It kick-started many history podcasts with its story of Rome, from the semi-mythical founding of the city to the “fall” of the West in AD 476.

Literature and Culture

The History of English


Website. I love etymology and language. This podcast explores how the English language developed out of its unique cultural and historical background. It’s always fascinating.

The Land of Desire


Website. French culture from the 1700s to today. Part history, part cultural mélange. and exploration.

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