The religious year (3/12) The third month was called "Hathor" ("Athyr"). It was a time for renewing fertility and creative energies in the natural world. Festivals to the male god of sexual energy, and the widow and sister of Osiris dominated this time... Direct Download (Save As mp3) Min Warning: images may have objectionable sexual aspects [...]

Thutmose III (Part 7): Diplomacy & the Egyptian Empire. 1460 - 1455 BCE. After the brilliant campaign of regnal year 33, Thutmose enjoyed a period of peace and plenty. Foreign powers began to seek relations with Egypt, and the power of the Pharaoh appeared supreme. This manifested in the appearance of three unusual princesses... Direct [...]

The Religious Year (2/12). In the month of Pa-Opet ("Phaophi") the Egyptians continued their long re-enactment of the myth of Osiris. They also celebrated a huge festival in honour of the Pharaoh. And they mummifed a bunch of rams, for some reason... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The processional way from Karnak (top, off-screen) to [...]

Thutmose III (Part 6): Personal Correspondence in Thebes. 148 - 1460 BCE. Letters are a rare and exciting find in Egyptian archaeology. Imagine our good fortune to possess an entire corpus from one individual: Ahmose, "Peniaty's man," a middle-class Egyptian living and working in the Egypt of Thutmose III.... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The letter of Ptahu [...]

February 2017. There have been some exciting discoveries in the recent archaeological season! We find out what they were. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Children's footprints in mortar, Qantir ( Entrance to the tomb of Khonsu, discovered at Luxor (Luxor Times) The legs that may belong to Queen Nefertari (LiveScience) Sources: - 'Monumental' Building [...]

Thutmose III (Part 5): The Sed-Festivals 1465 BCE. In regnal year 30, Thutmose celebrated his first jubilee. The King needed to renew his powers and re-enact his coronation. For this he would need a new monument, a few gods, and a baseball bat... Direct Download (Save As mp3) Bibliography J.G. Griffiths, "The Costume and Insignia [...]

The Egyptian Religious Year (Part 1/12) The Egyptian New Year began in the month called "Tekh." It heralded a month of important rituals: festivals of the Nile Flood (Hapi); festivals to honour the blessed dead (Wagy-and-Thoth); and the beginning of a multi-month re-enactment of the legends of the god Osiris.   Direct Download (Save As [...]

In a shameless tie-in with recent events, we take a look at how an Egyptian king was selected, and then crowned.  The process could be more complicated than you might expect... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The persea tree, being inscribed with the names of the King. Bibliography: Lana Troy, "Religion and Cult During the Time [...]