New Kingdom, Part 2 (90 – 130)

The age of gold: Egypt’s rulers are the most powerful in the world. So how did it go wrong?

1400 – 1362 BCE: Amunhotep III (18th Dynasty, Part 6)

90. Neb-Ma’at-Re

91. The Mighty Bulls

92. The Great Lady

93. The River War

94. The Pools of Horus

95. Hundred-Gated Thebes

96. The Colossi of Memnon

97. What Does the Scarab Say?

97b. The In-Laws

98. Young Bull Appearing in Memphis

99. Sakhmet’s Demons

100. Celebration

100b. Raising the Children High

101. Hapu’s Son

101b. Successful Statues (Egyptian Religion with Dr. Campbell Price)

102. An Egyptian Odyssey (Passage to Greece)

102b. Colourful Keftiu (Twilight on Crete)

103. The House of Rejoicing

104. A Wealthy House

105. The Sun King

106. Mail-Order Bride

106b. Last Monuments

107. Looking Back

1362 – 1344 BCE: Amunhotep IV / Akhenaten (18th Dynasty, Part 7)

107b. Queen Tiye (with Joyce Tyldesley)

108. AKA Amunhotep IV

109. Nefertiti

110. The Aten Appears

111. The Royal Gods

112. Artistic Revolution

113. Akh-en-Aten

114. Seeds of a City

114b. Defining the Horizons

115. Hatiay’s House

115b. Building Quickly

Summary: Akhenaten (Phase 1)

116. Adoring Aten

117. Adoring Ra

2020 Tours: Expressions of Interest

Akhnaten: A MetOpera Interview

118. House of Aten

118b. Priests and Provisions

119. Tut-ankh-Aten

120. Reverend Mother (Queen Tiye)

121. Ruler of the Horizons

Summary: Akhenaten (Phase 2)

122. Letters from the Capital

123. Amurrites and Where to Find Them

124. Amurrites 2, the Crimes of Aziru

125. The House of Meritaten

125b. Maru Aten and North Palace


Mini Episodes (1400-1350 BCE)

Interviews recorded during this period

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