New Kingdom, Part 2 (90 – 130)

The age of gold: Egypt’s rulers are the most powerful in the world. So how did it go wrong?

1400 – 1362 BCE: Amunhotep III (18th Dynasty, Part 6)

90. Neb-Ma’at-Re

91. The Mighty Bulls

92. The Great Lady

93. The River War

94. The Pools of Horus

95. Hundred-Gated Thebes

96. The Colossi of Memnon

97. What Does the Scarab Say?

97b. The In-Laws

98. Young Bull Appearing in Memphis

99. Sakhmet’s Demons

100. Celebration

100b. Raising the Children High

101. Hapu’s Son

101b. Successful Statues (Egyptian Religion with Dr. Campbell Price)

102. An Egyptian Odyssey (Passage to Greece)

102b. Colourful Keftiu (Twilight on Crete)