A Contest for the Throne 1418 BCE. After the death of Amunhotep II, Egypt was temporarily lacking a King. Now, his two most prominent sons went head to head, in a dispute over who would rule the kingdom. Who would win? Only the Sphinx knew... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The Great Sphinx of Khafre: [...]

Amunhotep II (Part 6): Latter Days Around 1420 BCE, Amunhotep II was entering his last days on the throne. The King was in his early forties, and beginning to feel his age. It was time to look for a successor; but with so many children (10+) around, who was the King going to choose? Direct [...]

Thutmose III (Part 9): Supremacy and Insecurity. 1455 to 1450 BCE. In his last decade, Thutmose III demonstrated a cruel streak, born of insecurity and anxiety over power. The King's insecurities centered on issues of legitimacy (his own) and security (for his son). What stimulated these? What else: the lingering question of Queen Hatshepsut and her [...]

The religious year (3/12) The third month was called "Hathor" ("Athyr"). It was a time for renewing fertility and creative energies in the natural world. Festivals to the male god of sexual energy, and the widow and sister of Osiris dominated this time... Direct Download (Save As mp3) Min Warning: images may have objectionable sexual aspects [...]

Thutmose III (Part 7): Diplomacy & the Egyptian Empire. 1460 - 1455 BCE. After the brilliant campaign of regnal year 33, Thutmose enjoyed a period of peace and plenty. Foreign powers began to seek relations with Egypt, and the power of the Pharaoh appeared supreme. This manifested in the appearance of three unusual princesses... Direct [...]

February 2017. There have been some exciting discoveries in the recent archaeological season! We find out what they were. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Children's footprints in mortar, Qantir (Ahram.org) Entrance to the tomb of Khonsu, discovered at Luxor (Luxor Times) The legs that may belong to Queen Nefertari (LiveScience) Sources: Ahram.org - 'Monumental' Building [...]

Exciting things are happening in the Netherlands right now, specifically at the National Museum of Antiquities. New projects are underway, new exhibitions are on, and all kinds of awesome research is being undertaken to uncover new secrets! Queens of the Nile & New Egyptian Galleries The Museum is hosting a new exhibit, "Queens of the [...]

Hatshepsut (Part VII): The End of Days 1473 BCE. After a long life, and an accomplished reign, Maat-ka-Re Hatshepsut died in regnal year 22. We thank some of those who made her reign possible, explore her legacy, and touch on the strange situation of her tomb. Do we have her mummy? We explore that, too. Direct [...]