Amunhotep III (Part 5): Exploring Nubia. In September 1397 BCE, Amunhotep III took a trip far beyond his borders. He and his warriors traversed the Bayuda Desert, explored the wastes, and came to mysterious lands deep in the lands of Nubia (Sudan). What transpired was a story for the annals... Direct Download (Save As mp3) [...]

Thutmose IV (Part 2). From 1418 to 1400 BCE, Men-kheperu-Re Thutmose IV ruled Egypt with capable mind and mighty arms. His reign saw some fascinating events pop up, including new mining expeditions in the Sinai (led by his wife, of all people) and a campaign against bedouin down in the gold country of Nubia. Along [...]

Thutmose III (Part 10): The End of Days. 1450 to 1441 BCE. Thutmose enjoyed the last nine years of his rule with a spate of activity. He commanded a final expedition; oversaw construction work at many sites; brought his tomb to completion; and made arrangements for the succession. Finally, the day came when Thutmose would face [...]

Hatshepsut (Part V): Monuments and the Jubilee. 1485-1477. In regnal years 10-17, Hatshepsut directed a flurry of building work. Monuments were going up all over Egypt, requiring the work of thousands. These projects culminated in the year 16 sed-festival, Hatshepsut's grand jubilee: an anniversary....but of what? Additional vocals provided by Anya Banerjee (Actress). Direct Download (Save [...]

The New Kingdom begins with the reign of Amunhotep I. From 1530 BCE to 1510, Thebes enjoys a resurgence in wealth and power. Tombs become more elaborate, the middle-class of artisans and craftsmen grows, and the King's building program puts the city on the path to great splendour. But Amunhotep I is not the greatest king [...]

The End of the Second Intermediate Period The Hysksos are defeated and on the run. King Ahmose I and his warriors pursue them into Palestine, for a final confrontation at Sharuhen. Meanwhile, Queen Ahhotep leads the Theban army against a rebellion in the southern lands. Finally, the Thebans must rally against an environmental disaster, as the gods unleash a sudden [...]

Amenemhat IV: Dynasty 12 Nears Its End The nine-year reign of Maacheru-Re Amenemhat IV are unremarkable, but Egypt is entering into a fascinating period of international visibility. Foreigners from Canaan are moving into the country in larger and larger numbers, and will eventually cause enormous disruptions in the political world. We explore their origins and their culture... [...]

Senuseret III (Part V): Bean Counters, Surveyors and Gossips From 1865-45 BCE Egypt is quiet. Senuseret III comes to the end of his reign in either regnal year 19, or regnal year 35(ish). The throne soon passes to his son, but things get a bit...complicated first. We meet Heqa-nakht, a rural landlord who left us with [...]

Senuseret III (Part IV): Fortifying Our Borders, Destroying Our Foes 1864 BCE, regnal year 16 of Kha-kau-Re Senuseret III. The king launches another campaign into Nubia, which sees the border set at the southern community of Semna. He commissions new fortresses at Uronarti, and improves upon those at Mirgassa and Askut, which fill important functions in their region. Plunder, trade, captives [...]