Amunhotep II (Part 3): the Origins of the Exodus. 1435 BCE was a landmark year. Leading two campaigns, in regnal years seven and nine, Amunhotep II institutes a new policy of depopulating rebellious regions in Canaan, Lebanon and Syria. He strips whole communities of their families, and brings thousands back to Egypt as captives. These [...]

Amunhotep II (Part 1): The Early Years 1459 to 1440 BCE. Amunhotep II enjoyed a privileged upbringing. He rode chariots, competed in sports activities, and even trained horses. When he ascended to power, he continued many of these habits. From the battle-field to the sports-field, Amunhotep II immediately set out to carve a distinct niche [...]

Thutmose III (Part 7): Diplomacy & the Egyptian Empire. 1460 - 1455 BCE. After the brilliant campaign of regnal year 33, Thutmose enjoyed a period of peace and plenty. Foreign powers began to seek relations with Egypt, and the power of the Pharaoh appeared supreme. This manifested in the appearance of three unusual princesses... Direct [...]

Thutmose III (Part 4): The Glorious Euphrates War. 1462 BCE. In regnal year 33, Thutmose demonstrated why we call him "the Napoleon of Egypt." He led a daring and audacious strike against his most deadly foes; this is the Eighth Campaign - one of the greatest in Egyptian history. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Thutmose's route [...]

Thutmose III (Part 3): Foreigners and Trade. 1465 BCE. We explore the world beyond the Egyptian Empire. Visiting the peoples of Crete (Keftiu), Cyprus (Alashiya) and Byblos (Kupna) we see what was happening beyond the realm of direct Egyptian rule. Oh, and there's a goofy poem at the end. Direct Download (Save As mp3) The [...]

Thutmose III (Part 1): Megiddo. 1473 BCE. Not long after taking sole power, Thutmose III experienced a dangerous challenge to his rule. Enemies in Canaan had gathered: the King must destroy them, or risk losing his empire... Battle, audacity, and Monty Python ensues! Direct Download (Save As mp3) Megiddo today (Google Sites) The Battle in [...]

Interlude: Hatshepsut's Writings. A short break from the narrative history, as we dive deep into the texts of Hatshepsut's Punt Expedition, and the historical narrative from her temple in Middle Egypt, the Speos Artemidos. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Punt (Naville) Punt (Naville) The great ships (Naville). The trees of Punt (Naville) Soldiers in Punt [...]

Save As mp3 Hatshepsut (Part III): The Punt Expedition In 1488-1487 BCE, Egypt's reigning Queen-King Maat-ka-Re Hatshepsut launches her most famous project. Returning to the glory days of previous kings, she funds an expedition south, down the Red Sea coast, to the wonderful land of Punt. We journey to Punt, meet the locals, and see how it all [...]

Amenemhat IV: Dynasty 12 Nears Its End The nine-year reign of Maacheru-Re Amenemhat IV are unremarkable, but Egypt is entering into a fascinating period of international visibility. Foreigners from Canaan are moving into the country in larger and larger numbers, and will eventually cause enormous disruptions in the political world. We explore their origins and their culture... [...]