Episode 76: 54 Years of Splendour

Thutmose III (Part X): The End of Days. From 1450 to 1441 BCE, Thutmose enjoyed the last nine years of his rule.¬†He commanded a final expedition; oversaw construction work at many sites; brought his tomb to completion; and made arrangements for the succession. Finally, the day came when Thutmose would face his creator… Direct Download…

Episode 75: Thutmose Triumphant

Thutmose III (Part IX): Supremacy and Insecurity.   From 1455 to 1450 BCE,¬†Thutmose III demonstrated a surprising shift in attitude; he became anxious and insecure. The King’s insecurities centered on issues of legitimacy (his own) and security (for his son). What stimulated these? What else: the lingering question of Queen Hatshepsut and her unorthodox rule….

News From the Field 2

February 2017. There have been some exciting discoveries in the recent archaeological season! We find out what they were. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Children’s footprints in mortar, Qantir (Ahram.org) Entrance to the tomb of Khonsu, discovered at Luxor (Luxor Times) The legs that may belong to Queen Nefertari (LiveScience) Sources: Ahram.org – ‘Monumental’ Building…

Blog: Saving Smuggled Artifacts

It’s been a good week for the preservation of artifacts! Egypt and the USA have signed a new agreement, one of the first of its kind, to fight illegal artifacts trading. The USA, where possible, will seize artifacts entering the country illegally (ie, smuggled or stolen – not things being sent to museums or exhibitions)….