Mini Episode: The First Pharaohs

In this (quick) episode, I look at the word “Pharaoh.” What it means, where it comes from, and why I hardly use it in the podcast (until now)… Direct Download (Save As mp3)

Blog: Saving Smuggled Artifacts

It’s been a good week for the preservation of artifacts! Egypt and the USA have signed a new agreement, one of the first of its kind, to fight illegal artifacts trading. The USA, where possible, will seize artifacts entering the country illegally (ie, smuggled or stolen – not things being sent to museums or exhibitions)….

Blog: What the Dutch Are Up To.

Exciting things are happening in the Netherlands right now, specifically at the National Museum of Antiquities. New projects are underway, new exhibitions are on, and all kinds of awesome research is being undertaken to uncover new secrets! Queens of the Nile & New Egyptian Galleries The Museum is hosting a new exhibit, “Queens of the…

Blog: Oxford Gets Podcasting!

The University of Oxford, under the leadership of Professor Richard B. Parkinson is producing a new series of podcasts relating to ancient Egypt. They take the academic angle, so you get to listen to some world-class scholarship! Access the episodes here! — The Tale of Sinuhe (Reading): — “The Queen Shrieks” – a lecture by…