This is the music used in the show. The creators have generously given me permission to use their music, free of charge. As a thank you, please support the artists by visiting their pages. If you like the music, consider purchasing it!

Keith Zizza

  • Keith Zizza created the soundtrack to a lovely game called “Children of the Nile.” I love the music he made, and use it throughout the show. Worth a listen!
  • (Website)


Michael Levy

  • Michael is a wonderful composer, who uses reconstructed instruments and period-appropriate scales to create new and exciting themes. His music is delightful!
  • (Website)


Derek & Brandon Feichter

  • Derek and Brandon create exciting music that is right at home in the “adventure tale” spirit of the History of Egypt Podcast. They compose across a range of themes, from ancient Egypt to Celtic and Greek. Absolutely wonderful stuff!
  • (Website)