Update: Saving/Downloading Mp3s

Dear listeners,

In the past, episodes of the podcast have appeared with an extra link to “Save as mp3” and download the episode directly. Those links will no longer be appearing on the website moving forward.

Please note, THERE ARE OPTIONS. If you prefer to listen to the show by downloading mp3s from the website, email me at egyptpodcast@gmail.com. There may be workarounds depending on circumstances. Alternatively, most podcasting apps (e.g. Google, Apple, Spotify, Lyceum, Castbox etc) allow you to download the file to your phone or computer for use and play. As such, the disappearance of the old download link does not negate your ability to listen and use the file offline (e.g. on commutes).

Now I will explain why I have made this decision.

I want the podcast to be freely available to as many people as possible. However, as the show as grown, there have been situations where people have taken the mp3s and used them without my consent in ways that I would not have agreed with, had they asked. To mitigate this, I must unfortunately stop releasing that “raw” file; otherwise I cannot guarantee the show will be shared in the way it was intended, or with the appropriate context.

This does not change the release format of the show itself. The podcast will always be free to stream from the website and all podcasting apps. I will never charge you for this content; and I will never deny anyone access to the show. However, to avoid further instances of misuse, I have to stop releasing the raw file in the way I was previously doing.

Thank you for your time,
Dominic Perry

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