Ruler of the Horizons (Episode 121)

Akhenaten (Part 11): Foreigners Submit.

By 1351 BCE, Akhenaten had achieved many of his early goals. His city, Akhet-Aten, was established, his religious ideas were reaching maturity, and the King could begin to express his vision of Aten in a new way. Finally, pharaoh could celebrate his mastery over foreign populations. Thus, in 1351 BCE, Egypt played host to a grand celebration of tribute

121. Cover Photo
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The Festival of Tribute

All images Davies 1905, vols. II and III.

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121. Akhenaten and Nefertiti riding to the tribute (D3 10) Nefertiti puts her arm around his waist
Akhenaten and Nefertiti en route to the celebration.
121. Durbar Royal Family (D2 plate 37) 1
Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their daughters enthroned in a kiosk, receiving the tribute.
121. Durbar full scene (D2 plate 37)
The full tribute scene from the tomb of Meryre.
121. Southerners (D2 plate 37) 1
Southerners bringing tribute, including metal, ivory, shields and weapons (top).
121. Bedouin (D2 plate 37) 3
Bedouin (pharaoh’s troops?) approaching in obeisance.
121. southerners 3 captives (Davies 3 plate 14)
Southern prisoners.
121. Foreign prisoners (Hittites) (Davies 3 plate xiv).
Northern prisoners.
121. Foreigners at Meryre's promotion (D2 plate 35) detail
Northerners approaching the throne.
121. Foreign gifts Aegean vases (D3 plate 14)
Aegean-style vases in the tribute.
121. Foreign musicians (bottom) and Egyptian dignitaries (Davies 3, plate VII) - Copy
Near Eastern musicians.
121. Foreign presentation (D2 plate 37) 6 wrestlers - Copy
Wrestlers (left) and boxers (centre)




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