Seeds of a City (Episode 114)

Amarna (Part 1): Establishing Akhet-Aten.

In regnal year 5, Akhenaten decreed the foundations of his new city devoted to the sun god. One year later, the King returned to perform ceremonies and to review what had been completed…

  • Date: c.1357 BCE (regnal year 6)
  • King: Akhenaten (Nefer-kheperu-Re Wa-en-Re)
  • Queen: Nefertiti (Nefer-neferu-Aten)
  • Cities: Amarna (Akhet-Aten)

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Amarna / Akhet-Aten


113. Amarna Maps (5)
Akhet-Aten / Amarna (Wikimedia).
D18-Amarna-Great Palace-Chris (9)
The Great Palace today, viewed from the South-East (Chris Ward 2019).
114. Map Wikipedia (2)
Akhet-Aten from the West (Wikimedia).
114. Boston Model Palace
The Great Palace, model (Amarna Project).


114. Palace view (J.C. Golvin)
A view of the Great Palace Second Court, from the West, by artist J.C. Golvin (more images on his website).
114. Great Palace Second Court reconstruction (Pendlebury 3.2 plate XV)
The Great Palace Second Court, from the excavator’s report (Pendlebury 1951).
114. Great Palace schematic (Salland 2015 PhD 3.44)
Map of the Great Palace (Pendlebury 1951 and Salland 2015).
114. King's House Model (Pendlebury 3.2 plate XVI)
The King’s House (Pendlebury 1951).
114. Princess Panel - Met Museum - Nina Davies hb_30.4.135
The Princesses Panel (facsimile by Nina de Garis Davies, Met Museum).
114. Petrie Tell el Amarna (2)
Decorations of the Great Palace (Petrie 1894).
114. Great Palace Column (Amarna Project from Petrie)
Decorations of the Great Palace (Petrie 1894).
114.1 Great Pavement (Salland 3.54 from Petrie)
Decorations of the Great Palace (Petrie 1894).



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