Akh-en-Aten (Episode 113)

Akhenaten (Part 6): New Name, Who Dis?

In regnal year 5, Amunhotep IV reached the conclusion of his early ideological development. His views had crystallized and he was ready to express them more explicitly than before. Soon, pharaoh issued a public declaration; he would now be called Akh-en-Aten

  • Time Period: c.1358 BCE (regnal year 5)
  • King: Amunhotep IV / Akhenaten (Nefer-kheperu-Re Wa-en-Re)
  • Queen: Nefertiti (Nefer-neferu-Aten)
  • Places: Waset (Thebes), Akhet-Aten (Amarna)

Music by Keith Zizza www.keithzizza.com

112. Logo Text - Copy
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Amunhotep IV / Akh-en-Aten

11.3 Akhenaten Louvre
A colossal statue of Akhenaten, now in the Louvre (Wikimedia).


113. Apy's Letter to Pharaoh 1- Griffith Hieratic Papyri 1898
A fragment of Apy’s letter to Amunhotep IV, the last known reference to the King under this name (Griffith 1898).


113. Apy's Letter to Pharaoh 2 - Griffith Hieratic Papyri 1898
Hieroglyphic transcription of Apy’s letter to Amunhotep IV (Griffith 1898).


Amarna / Akhet-Aten

113. Amarna Maps (1)
The site of Akhet-Aten in Middle Egypt (Wikimedia).


113. Amarna Maps (3)
General layout of the Amarna area (Wikimedia).


113. Amarna Maps (5)
Map of Akhet-Aten as it is seen today (Wikimedia).


113. Boundary Stela N - Carved Year 8 (Davies Rock Tombs 5 plate xxxiii)
A Boundary Stela of Amarna (Later Proclamation, carved in Year 6).


113. Boundary Stela K - Early Proclamation (Davies Rock Tombs 5, plate xxx)
Hieroglyphs of the Boundary Stela (Early Proclamation, carved in Year 5).




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  1. Jo Burl says:

    For some reason this episode won’t play from Apple podcast. I don’t see a place on this web page to play it either. Did something go wrong?


    1. DominicPerry says:

      Hi Jo, click the episode logo or the link marked “Save as mp3”

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