Tour #2 Now Ready for Booking


Hello everyone!  I am pleased to report that the second History of Egypt Podcast Tour to Egypt is now ready for booking! The tour will take begin January 19, 2020 and run for 14 days. In that time, we will explore Egypt from Cairo to Aswan, seeing all the major sites and many which the average tour doesn’t visit.

After the success of the first tour, I am excited to announce lots of improvements and adjustments to the itinerary, with lots of special extras just for us! Listen to the full announcement below for details or follow this link for booking information.


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Tour #2 Announcement (Listen Online or Save As mp3)


Booking Form

Some photos from our first tour!

2019 Dominic (6).jpg
Examining offering tables and tombs in Elephantine (our guide, Marco, at right).
2019. Egypt (13).jpg
Visiting the Colossi of Memnon at Amunhotep III’s mortuary temple.
2019. Egypt (10).jpg
Inside the pyramid of Unas.
2019. Egypt (6).jpg
Wandering the grand bazaar of Cairo (Khan el-Khalili).
2019. Egypt (11).jpg
The tomb of Maya, Saqqara. Most groups don’t go here.
2019. Egypt (12).jpg
Temple of Hathor at Dendera.
2019. Egypt (15).jpg
The group gathered in St Simeon’s Monastery at Aswan.



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