AKA Amunhotep IV (Episode 108)

Akhenaten (Part 1): Conventional Start.

Around January of 1362 BCE, King Amunhotep IV came to power. Considering where he wound up, this King started off quite traditionally. In this episode, we explore the foundations of his rule: his first appearances in art, his early contributions to Karnak, and the agenda he set with his royal names…

108. Logo Square Number Title

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108.1 A4 and Tiye (Kheruef TT192)
Detail of Amunhotep IV and Queen Tiye before Re-Horakhty and Ma’at (Tomb of Kheruef TT192).
108.1 A4 and Tiye (Kheruef TT192)
Detail of Amunhotep IV and Tiye before Re-Atum and Hathor (Tomb of Kheruef TT192).
108.1 A4 and Tiye (Kheruef TT192)
Detail of Amunhotep IV before Atum-Re (Tomb of Kheruef).
D18-Amunhotep IV Gate (3) - highlighted
Karnak: Amunhotep IV smites prisoners – unfinished scene from Karnak (D. Perry 2019).
IMG20190403102214 - Copy
One of the earliest depictions of Aten, as Re-Horakhty Who Rejoices In the Horizon, in His Name of Shu Who Is the Aten (Karnak; Egyptian Museum, Berlin).

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  1. gwood3 says:


    Two things:

    The Reeves book looked interesting, so checked it out on Amazon, only to discover the Kindle edition is being released in early May (not sure if it is updated from the 2005 edition or not).

    And I wonder why the new episodes appear first in the standard feed, and only later in the Patreon feed? I would have thought the other way around would have been more of a reward.

    Looking forward to listening to the new episode,



    1. DominicPerry says:

      Thanks George,
      I’m not aware of any update to the Reeves book but I’ll look into it.
      Re Patreon, this is my fault. I release episodes early for Overseer and higher patrons, then update them for Scribe patrons. Unfortunately, Patreon doesn’t have an option to automate this so I sometimes forget to do it in time. My apologies!

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