Queen Tiye (with Joyce Tyldesley) (Episode 107b)

Queen Tiye the Widow.

After her husband’s death, Queen Tiye continued to act as the matriarch of a ruling family. Guiding her son (Amunhotep IV) in his first year of power, Tiye remained a steady influence at the court. To look at her life, post-Amunhotep III, I speak with Dr. Joyce Tyldesley (Part 1)…

107b. JT Interview Logo

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You can buy Dr. Tyldesley’s book Nefertiti’s Face here. All sales will support the Podcast as well (affiliate link).

Queen Tiye, the Latter Years

Queen Tiye (?): a wooden head from the Gurob Palace, Faiyum (Neues Museum, Berlin).
boston mfa tiye E6171CR-d1
A fragmented head of Queen Tiye, wearing a solar disc and cow horns (Boston MFA).
teje at neues museum
Tiye, in limestone relief (Neues Museum, Berlin).

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