Last Monuments (Episode 106b)

Bonus Episode! Lesser-known and Completed Monuments of Amunhotep III.

By 1365 BCE, many of Amunhotep’s monuments were nearing completion. Some of these, though, have been forgotten – like the King’s elaborate contributions to the city of Memphis. In this episode, we try to reconstruct that temple – and see how the King glorified one of Egypt’s most important gods. Also, we take a tour of the grand Luxor Temple, exploring the shrines and structures of this magnificent site. Finally, we visit Malqata Palace once again – as Amunhotep expands it for the second time.

  • Time period: c.1365 BCE
  • King: Neb-ma’at-Re Amun-hotep III
  • Notable sites: Memphis (Men nefer / Hwt ka Ptah), Thebes (Wa set), Malqata (Neb-ma’at-Re Aten Tjehen), Luxor Temple (Ipet sut).
D18-A3Tiye-Dyad-Text - Copy
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Memphis (Hwt ka Ptah)

mit rahina
The south-western portion of Ptah’s precinct (Markovic 2016).
Artist’s visualisation of Memphis (Jean-Claude Golvin)

Malqata (Neb-ma’at-Re Aten tjehen)

106b North Palace Malqata (Koltsida)
The North Palace of Malqata (adapted from Koltsida 2011).
Artist’s visualisation of Malqata, centre-left, with the artificial lake Birket Habu (Jean-Claude Golvin).

Luxor Temple (Ipt swt)

All photos by Dominic Perry, 2019.

D18-AmunhotepIII-3-Shrines (6)
Doorway of the central shrine (1 of 3).
D18-AmunhotepIII-3-Shrines (11)
Amunhotep III before various manifestations of Amun.
D18-AmunhotepIII-3-Shrines (16)
Amunhotep III before Amun-Min.
D18-AmunhotepIII-3-Shrines (1)
Hall of the shrine sanctuary (originally roofed).
D18-AmunhotepIII-1-Court (1)
The grand courtyard (solar court?).
D18-AmunhotepIII-1-Court (2)
Columns of the grand courtyard.

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  1. Jan says:

    Just a quick Heads-Up; several of your re-recorded episodes are unavailable for download, I presume this is by accident as the ones before and after are there. Might be worth to have a look, I couldn’t DL ep 5 *He who makes…*, *Beer Princes* and the *Infinite waters* but I stopped looking after episode 15 so there might be others.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Thanks Janne; the “Prince of Beers” episode is now defunct (the content was incorporated into He Who Makes Beautiful Things. I have updated all the other links to correct versions 🙂

  2. Jo Burl says:

    Love the photos you put up. Makes me sad that half the screen is taken up with the name of the episode…

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Hi Jo, I’ll be updating the website design/layout in the new year (2020). In the meantime, if you open any image in a new tab it will appear in the full resolution. Hope this helps

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