Mail Order Bride (Episode 106)

Amunhotep III (Part 13): Foreign Wives and Tiye Supreme.

Amunhotep III was fortunate to live in the most peaceful and prosperous time of Egypt’s imperial history. From 1370 down to 1360, Egypt enjoyed a privileged position in the world: its gold was beyond measure, its influence reached all nations, and foreign kings begged pharaoh for his assistance. By the middle of Amunhotep’s fourth decade in power, the King was enjoying supremacy over many.

Queen Tiye was enjoying a moment in the sun. At the age of forty-four or so, Tiye was influential and respected. She was, in many ways, her husband’s equal – and this was proclaimed publicly in a monumental images…

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106. Mitanni Tushratta Approximate
The Kingdom of Mitanni c.1366 BCE – approximate borders
D18-A3Tiye-Dyad (9)
The colossal dyad statue of Amunhotep and Tiye, Cairo Museum (Dominic Perry 2019).
106. Bubastis Tiye (2) -edited
A colossal statue that may depict Tiye, Bubastis (Dominic Perry 2019).

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