The Sun King (Episode 105)

Amunhotep III (Part 12): Pharaoh as a God.

By the time of his second Sed-Festival (in year 34), Amunhotep III had reached the pinnacle of his earthly influence and power. Some of this grandiosity manifested in a strange trend: from various sources, we get a sense of the King styling himself as a god.

In Episode 106, we explore the monuments which present Neb-ma’at-Re Amunhotep III as a member of the divine pantheon…

105. Logo Square Listen

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105. a3 elephantine (1) - copy105. a3 elephantine (2) - copy

Amunhotep III’s temple at Elephantine as recorded by the French Expedition.

105. soleb lepsius plan - copy
The temple of Soleb; ground plan by the Lepsius expedition.
105. soleb (3) - copy
Amunhotep III embracing the moon-god Khonsu, who may be Amunhotep as well (Giorgini et al.)
105. soleb (13) - copy
Soleb temple (Giorgini et al.)
105. soleb (18) - copy
The temple of Soleb (Giorgini et al.)
105. soleb (21) - copy
Amunhotep III at Soleb (Giorgini et al.)
105. a3-neferhotep mfa-1970.636
Amunhotep III as the god Nefertem, the primeval Lotus Flower from which Creation emerged


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