A Wealthy House (Episode 104)

Daily Life for the Nobility.

At the height of the 18th Dynasty, c.1370 BCE, wealthy Egyptians were enjoying an unprecedented degree of comfort. In this episode we explore some general features of life: the domestic spaces they inhabited, the food they consumed (and how it may have been prepared) and the furniture (including cosmetics) which they took to the afterlife. It’s a broad-reaching episode, focussing on different aspects of their lives. Enjoy!

104. sennefer-3-borderwithnumber

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A plan of a house from Amarna.
Reconstruction of an Amarna house.
Wooden stools from the tomb of Tut’ankhamun; these simple wooden pieces would likely be common among the wealthy.
Furniture from the tomb of Kha and Meryt.
A bed belonging to Kha and Meryt – headrest at left, with blankets on top and linen bundled on the shelves.
A wooden model of women grinding and preparing bread (Middle Kingdom).
Model of Man Cooking, early Middle Kingdom.

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  1. Donna says:

    I am a little late in commenting, but you asked if listeners would be interested in an episode about textiles and textile production – my answer is a resounding yes! Yes please! I am a big fan – I love your work – thank you for sharing!

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