The House of Rejoicing (Episode 103)

Amunhotep III (Part 11): The Royal Palace.

By 1370 BCE, King Amunhotep III was living in a sumptuous palace at Thebes. Built for the first sed-festival, the “House of Rejoicing” aka Malqata was a magnificent structure with many beautiful elements. Today, we start to explore how a pharaoh lived and the lifestyle they enjoyed…

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Malqata Gallery

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The Birket Habu lake, with Malqata in the background (ARCE)

103. Malqata Complex (1)

Malqata’s first palace. Note the main hall H (centre) plus the King’s Bedchamber (centre-left) and the apartments (K1-8, N1-8, J & O). King’s Throne Room at (Joint Expedtion)

103. throne

Pharaoh’s Throne, reconstructed by Franck Monnier (2019)

103.2-3 Mycenaean Motifs whole

Mycenaean-style bulls, spirals and rosettes decorating the ceiling of pharaoh’s apartment

103.2-3 Mycenaean Motifs

The Malqata bull’s head compared with a Mycenaean rhyton (drinking vessel). Note the rosette between the horns / adorning the forehead.


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Website of the Joint Expedtion to Malqata:

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