An Egyptian Odyssey (Episode 102)

Passage to Mycenae.

In 1370 BCE an Egyptian embassy may have travelled to the lands of Greece. They visited the people called Tanaiu, aka the Mycenaeans, who were a rising power in their region. From their hilltop cities, the Mycenaeans expanded their power, built magnificent tombs and worshipped some ancient but familiar deities. Let’s visit!

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Mycenae as it looked about 100 years after Amunhotep III. The walls, large palace and cistern are later additions (THOAG)


Mycenae at its height, long after Amunhotep III.

102. pylos throneThe throne room of Pylos, a contemporary city, which may reflect how the palace/megaron of Mycenae appeared.


102. Dendra PanoplyThe Dendra Panoply, a set of Late Bronze Age Mycenaean armour.


102. dendra reconstruction
A reconstruction of the Dendra armour as worn by Mycenaean warriors.

102. Mycenae gold.jpgGold drinking vessels found in Mycenaean graves (c.1550 BCE).

102. Bulls Head MycenaeA bull’s head rhyton (drinking vessel) from Mycenae, c.1550 BCE).

102b. Mycenae Minoan pics (13)A bronze sword, decorated in gold and silver (c.1550 BCE).

The Treasury of Atreus, a tholos tomb at Mycenae (History Hub)

The Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, Greece
Inside the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae (History Hub)

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