Egyptian Religion with Dr. Campbell Price (Episode 101b)

Amunhotep Hapu, Private Worship, and Immortality.

My guest today is Dr. Campbell Price, who generously sat down to talk about non-royal statues and the immortality of Amunhotep son of Hapu. How did an ordinary Egyptian earn the right to display themselves in stone statues? What purpose did these fulfil? And what does Amunhotep have to do with a dead rockstar from the 1960s?

Note: this episode comes in two parts, links below.’

Part One: Successful Statues (Episode 101b)

101b. Successful Statues

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Part Two: Egyptian Religion (Full Interview)


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Dr. Campbell Price


Dr. Campbell Price is Curator of Egypt and Sudan at the Manchester Museum, University of Manchester.

As head of the largest university collection in England, Dr. Price oversees exhibitions, preservation of artefacts, academic engagement and public outreach. His published works include discussions of non-royal individuals and statues, artistic traditions in sculpture, traditionalism (“archaism”) among elite statue-makers and many aspects of non-royal religion in ancient Egypt.

Apart from being a skilled researcher and curator, Dr. Price is also a friendly and personable interviewee; we had a wonderful discussion spanning almost two hours (full interview will be released separately).

podcast 101 amunhotep hapu



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Ostracon 5886 second version

Ostracon 5886 (Campbell Price)


The Riqqeh Pectoral (Campbell Price)


Statue of the admiral Hor-Psamtek (Campbell Price)

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