Mini Episode: Songs in a Garden

In this mini episode we explore the courtship of an ancient couple. A pair of Egyptians relax in a garden, sharing a moment of intimacy and love. We explore their budding romance through four poems, read by an actress. Warning: these poems contain erotic and sexual elements that may not be suitable for all ages….

Mini Episode: The Lost Son

Around 1250 BCE an Egyptian father wrote a letter to his wayward son. The boy had joined a ship’s crew and was now abroad, but had not sent any word of his well-being. Anxious, the father wrote a poignant letter begging his son to return. That letter survives and reveals wonderful parts of ancient life……

Mini Episode: A Wayward Scribe

A model letter from c.1250 BCE tells us of a wayward scribe, who fell off the path of ma’at and became lost in drunkeness, indolence and womanizing. Disappointed in his former pupil, a schoolmaster writes to the scribe, rebuking him for his lifestyle and failures. Warning: this content may not be suitable for all ages….

Mini Episode: All Is Full of Love

Ancient Egyptian scribes enjoyed writing romantic and sexual texts. They explored themes of love, longing, lust and courtship from a variety of perspectives – male and female. Exploring emotions and sensations, they created a lively corpus of literature with many evocative passages. In this mini episode we explore three more poems of the Love genre….