Question Time! (Q+A)

To celebrate 100 episodes, I took your questions on all things ancient Egypt. If you didn’t hear your question, I have sent out written responses. Some questions covered material already in the show, or on topics that don’t have enough evidence to discuss in detail.

Thanks for submitting!

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Egyptian Revival Archtiecture

100c. temple works

The Temple Works in Leeds, UK.


The Beirut Museum, Lebanon


The Egyptian Building, Medical College of Virginia (1845), Virginia USA.


Foire du Caire building (1828) in Paris.



The Tarkhan Dress, c.3500 BCE.


The Deshasheh Dress, c.2600 BCE (UCL)


The bead-net dress, with digital model. According to Egyptologist Kara Cooney, “If they wore the net dress like one of king Snefru’s rowing girls, they wore it with nothing underneath.”


Livia Capponi, Roman Egypt, 2011 (Amazon)

Naphthali Lewis, Life in Egypt Under Roman Rule, 1983.

William H. Peck, The Material World of Ancient Egypt, 2013 (Amazon)

Christina Riggs, The Oxford Handbook of Roman Egypt, 2012 (Amazon)

Emily Teeter, Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt, 2011 (Amazon)

Richard H. Wilkinson, The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, 2003 (Amazon)

Richard H. Wilkinson, The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt, 2017 (Amazon)


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Daniel L says:

    Tiffany asked about an association of Anubis and Nephthys with childbirth, there are actually rare cases in which Anubis may have a role in divine birth discussed in the paper ‘Anubis and the Lunar Disc’ by Robert Ritner.

    1. DominicPerry says:

      Thanks Daniel, I’ll incorporate this into future work on Anubis 🙂

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