Episode 99: Sakhmet’s Demons

Amunhotep III (Part 9): The Dark Years.

Between 1380 and 1370 BCE, Egypt may have suffered an outbreak of disease. In this decade, at least four royal family members died, and the political situation was irrevocably changed. It wasn’t all bad, though: around 1380, Queen Tiy went through the difficulties of childbirth and offered a new son to the lineage…

podcast episode 99 sakhmet statue (Met Museum)(1)

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podcast episode 99 birthing

The birthing process reconstructed (Wegner 2010).

98. Mutemwia shawabti (Vritual Egyptian Museum)

A funerary statue (shabti) of Queen Mother Mut-em-wia, probably from her tomb.

99 thutmose bier

The mummiform bier of prince Thutmose.

The mummies of Yuya (left) and Tjuyu (right).

podcast episode 99 sakhmet statue (Met Museum)

A statue to Sakhmet, one of 700+ created in the reign of Amunhotep III (Met Museum).


A section of the Edwin Smith Papyus, a medical text compiled around 1600 BCE.


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