Now We Have A Patreon!

The Podcast is now on, the  subscription website in which you can access rewards for a small monthly contribution. This doesn’t affect the main show (it’s free and always will be) but if you want to support my work this is the best way to do it. Pledging a small amount per week (as little as $5) will gain you perks like:

  • An ad free version of the show
  • Early access to episodes
  • Supplementary material (notes, out-takes etc)
  • Quarterly giveaways
  • User polls on upcoming episodes
  • And many more!

Early subscribers (before July 31) will gain a FREE entry in a giveaway, for a unique item that won’t be available again. If you are interested in supporting the show, please consider helping out. Visit to make your pledge


Thank you to everyone who has already pledged. I look forward to building a great little community with you 🙂

Thanks! ❤


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