Episode 98: Young Bull Appearing In Memphis

Interlude: Royal Children on the Rise.

From 1385 to 1380, the prince of Egypt Thutmose was climbing up the ranks. From a lowly sem-priest to the chief of a great temple, Thutmose was a quickly rising star. His sister, Sit-Amun, also leaves a tantalizing trace of her life.

We explore a non-royal funeral, the cult of the Apis Bull, and see how a prince of Egypt left some wonderful personal records, including those of his pet…

podcast episode 98 thutmose cat 1(1) - Copy

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podcast episode 98 thutmose at serapeum - Copy

Prince Thutmose, in a relief from the tomb of the Apis Bulls (Dodson 2014).

podcast episode 98 coffin type

Typical mid-18th Dynasty coffin (Wikipedia).

podcast episode 98 high priest ptahmose

Statue of the High Priest of Ptah, Ptahmose (Wikipedia).

podcast episode 98 sitamun 1

Princess Sitamun, from the Mortuary Temple of Amunhotep III (Wikipedia).


Throne of princess Sitamun, from the tomb of Yuya and Tjuyu, Cairo Museum (Wikipedia).


Detail of Sit-Amun throne, back panel, from the tomb of Yuya and Tjuyu (Davis 1908).

podcast episode 98 thutmose cat 2

Sarcophagus of Ta-Mit, “Girl Cat,” the pet of prince Thutmose (Wikipedia).


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