Episode 97b: The In-Laws

Interlude: Queen Tiy’s Lucky Family.

The family of Queen Tiy came from an interesting place, and led a fascinating life. Her mother and father – Tjuyu and Yuya – and her brother Anen enjoyed great privileges thanks to their family connections. In life, and in death, they left an enduring legacy…

98. Tjuyu mask Cairo small

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97b. yuya mask

The funeral mask of Yuya; note the wonky eyes!

97b. tjuyu mask

The mask of Yuya, perhaps the most beautiful of its day


The Tomb of Yuya and Tjuyu (Photos from Quibell 1908)



Third / inner coffin of Tjuyu

97b. Tjuyu

The mummy of Tjuyu (Tuya / Thuiu)




Fourth / inner coffin of Yuya

97b. yuya

The mummy of Yuya (Iouiya, Yuia)


The arrangement of the tomb, KV46, when first discovered. In the small space, objects were stacked on top of one another, to accomodate a vast assemblage.


Shabti figurines from the tomb

97b. shabtis 2

Shabti figurines from the tomb


97b. beds

Beds of Yuya and Tjuyu, found in the tomb97b. yuya chariot 3

A full chariot, preserved in the tomb

97b. model tools and amulets

Model tools and decorative amulets and scarabs

97b. mirror and instruments tjuyu

Mirror and instruments of Tjuyu

97b. chair

A chair found in the tomb, decorated with images of the couple’s grand-daughter, princess Sat/Sit-Amun (centre)


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