Episode 97: What Does the Scarab Say?

Amunhotep III (Part 7): Three Tales of the Scarabs.

From regnal years 9-11 (1932 – 1390 BCE), the royal court witnessed some very unusual developments. First, the King bagged his 100th lion while hunting. Then, the court welcomed a foreign princess, Gilu-khepa, who arrived as a diplomatic bride for the King. Finally, the court witnessed the construction of a massive lake, built in honour of Queen Tiy. These events are all told from a single source: a series of scarabs, carved with hieroglyphic proclamations, issued by the pharaoh to commemorate events in his first ten years on the throne.

97.scarablionhunt-b - Copy

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97. queen tiy mfa

A scarab commemorating Queen Tiy (Boston MFA)


A scarab recording the lion hunts of years 1-10 (Met Museum)

97. gilukhepa brit museum

A scarab recording the arrival of Gilu-khepa from Mitanni (British Museum)

97. lion hunt brit museum

Another lion hunt scarab (British Museum)


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