Episode 93: The River War

Amunhotep III (Part 4): The Nubian War.

In late 1397 BCE, Amunhotep III received word of a rebellion in Nubia. A local chieftain, Ikheny, had gathered warriors and risen up in revolt. The pharaoh, just seventeen years old, was eager for a chance to prove himself. He gathered his warriors, and invaded Nubia…

93. Nubia 1

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93. Map

The major locations of the war (Higher Resolution)


Amunhotep III executing Nubian prisoners after the battle. Amun and Khonsu (left) and Ptah Ta-Tenen (right) watch. Between the King’s feet, a defeated Nubian (Ikheny?) lies helpless (Kozloff, 2012).

93. Nubia 2

Amunhotep III in portrait, wearing the Blue Crown, from Memphis (Metropolitan Museum of Art).


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