Episode 91: The Mighty Bulls

Amunhotep III (Part 2).

In his first year of power (1400 – 1399 BCE), Amunhotep III began a whole string of  projects. Guided by his mother Mutemwia, the new king commissioned new monuments, quarrying efforts, and even undertook a great hunt. Twelve months of intense activity: all things considered, the reign began quite well…

91. Promo maybe 1-3

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2018.01.91 Ashmunein Thoth.jpg

Statue of Thoth commissioned by Amunhotep, Hermopolis/Ashmunein (1 World Tours).

2018.01.91 Mutemwia Amunhotep

Mutemwia (left) and Amunhotep III in the kiosk of his coronation (The Met)

2018.01.91 Mutemwia.jpg

A statue of Mut-em-wia, carved to represent Mut (seated) in her Barge/Barque. A “rebus,” or object conveying a symbol/word, this statue literally means “Mut in Her Boat,” like the name of the Queen (British Museum).

2018.01.91 Silsila Quarries.JPG

Quarries worked by Amunhotep III’s workers (Nishimoto, 2002).

2018.01.91 Bull Scarab

The record of Amunhotep’s bull hunt (Cleveland).



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