Episode 90: Neb-Ma’at-Re

Amunhotep III (Part 1).

Neb-ma’at-Re Amunhotep came to power in 1400 BCE. At the age of just 12, he had already spent years being groomed for power. Even his birth was the subject of elaborate myths. In this episode, we explore the divine conception and the upbringing of a god on earth…

90. Nebmaatre Cover

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The Divine Birth of Amunhotep III

All images from Brunner, Die Geburt, 1964.

Amunhotep 3 - Mutemwia (3)

Mutemwia and Amun (right) couple. The god holds ankh (life) to Mutemwia’s nose, a euphemism for the act of sexual intercourse and impregnation.

Amunhotep 3 - Mutemwia (5)

Hathor (left) watches as the future Amunhotep, shown twice, is fashioned by the Creator god Khnum (right).

Amunhotep 3 - Mutemwia (7)

On Earth, Mutemwia is led to the birthing chamber by Khnum (left) and Hathor (right)

Amunhotep 3 - Mutemwia (9)

Mutemwia (top centre) gives birth, with the aid of wetnurses. Gods of fertility and life celebrate below.

Amunhotep 3 - Mutemwia (11)

The newly-born Amunhotep is presented to Amun, who kisses him approvingly.

Amunhotep 3 - Mutemwia (16)

Horus (left) presents the child Amunhotep, shown twice. Amun blesses his coming.


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