Mini Episode: Flower Festivities

The Religious Year (Part 10+11).

As the end of year approached, the Egyptians celebrated some essential festivals to honour the past and prepare for the future. With the harvest now underway, and the flood on the horizon, the Egyptians first celebrated the memory of their ancestors, and then made offerings to Hapy: lord of the Nile, bringer of the inundation, master of all Egypt. It was a busy time of year; the Egyptians were going flat out.

2017.12 Flower Festivities

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The Beautiful Festival of the Valley in the time of Ramesses II (c.1250 BCE).

calendar-11-feast-valley-nakht - Copy

The Beautiful Festival in the tomb of Nakht (c. 1420 BCE).

Hapy ramesses ii 19th Dynasty

Hapi in the time of Ramesses II, uniting the Two Lands of Egypt (c. 1250 BCE)

tumblr_inline_o48sivAn3X1sfjjkp_1280 - Copy

The god Hapi, in colossal-form from the city of Thonis-Heracleion, c.300 BCE.


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