Episode 87: Comforts of Power

Thutmose IV (Part 2).

From 1418 to 1400 BCE, Men-kheperu-Re Thutmose IV ruled Egypt with capable mind and mighty arms. His reign saw some fascinating events pop up, including new mining expeditions in the Sinai (led by his wife, of all people) and a campaign against bedouin down in the gold country of Nubia. Along the way, Thutmose saw developments in tomb architecture, gave slaves to his temples, and generally ruled the Nile as a mighty and accomplished pharaoh. We cover everything…

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2017-11-87 (3)

The throne of Thutmose IV, depicting him as a Sphinx (Metropolitan Museum).


The throne of Thutmose IV, showing the King before great gods Sakhmet and Thoth (Metropolitan Museum).


Thutmose’s obelisk in Rome – the “Lateran Obelisk” (Wiki).


Detailof the obelisk showing Thutmose’s nomen: “Thutmose Kha-Khau” (Wiki).


The Festival Court of Thutmose at Karnak, partially restored (Wiki).


The Festival Court in digital reconstruction (UCLA).

2017.11.87 Iaret year 7

The King smiting enemies; Queen Iaret (or Wadjet) stands behind.

2017.11.87 Halaib Triangle

The general area of Thutmose’s campaign in the South.

134_8572_full 555

A painted frieze (khekher) in the tomb of Thutmose IV (Osiris.net).


The wall decorations in the tomb of Thutmose IV (Osiris.net).




The King’s sarcophagus in his tomb (Osiris.net).

2017.10.86 Thutmose IV Mummy (6)


The mummy of Thutmose IV (Carter, 1904).



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