Episode 84b: Into the Tomb

Interlude: Remarkable Discoveries in a Royal Tomb.

Around 1440 BCE, Egyptians were carving the burial monument of Amunhotep II in the Valley of the Kings. In 1898 CE, a group of excavators were uncovering the edifice once more. In a dual narrative, we explore the design, construction and discovery of a most remarkable tomb…

2017.8.82 Victor Loret in Kv 35 - Copy

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The Tomb of Amunhotep II (KV35)

2017.10.84b Tomb Ramesses IV

An ancient scribe’s sketch of a royal tomb (Griffith Institute)

2017.10.84b amunhotep ii

Plan of the tomb (Theban Mapping Project).

2017.10.84b amunhotep ii - unedited

The King’s burial chamber: sarcophagus at top-center (Theban Mapping Project).


Victor Loret enters the tomb KV35, nearly stumbling into the well-shaft.

2017.8.83 - Mummy in the Barque

The mummy which scared Victor Loret so suddenly; a later addition, buried in the antechamber of KV35.

Amunhotep II boat

A funerary boat, discovered in the tomb and reconstructed from fragments.


The sarcophagus of the King (Narmer.pl).

2017.10.84 (1)

The coffin and mummy of Amunhotep II.

2017.10.84 (2)

The mummy of Amunhotep II, discovered in his tomb and now in the Cairo Museum (Flickr).

The Cache

2017.10.84b amunhotep ii - Copy

The locations of the later burials (Theban Mapping Project).

2017.10.84b cache 2

The bricked-up doorway. What was behind?


The mummies in KV 35 and its Cache (Narmer.pl).

2017.10.84b cache 3

The second cache: two ladies and a prince.

2017.10.84b cache 1

The Elder Lady (Queen Tiye?) hand resting on collarbone; veiled; long flowing hair – an image of eternity.

2017.8.83 - Mummy cache Loret pl 11

Mummies of two noble women (left + right), and a boy (center).


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Erik Hornung, The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Afterlife, 1999.

C.N. Reeves, Richard Wilkinson, The Complete Valley of the Kings, 1996.

Peter der Manuelian, Studies in the Reign of Amenophis II, 1989.

Elliot Smith, The Royal Mummies, 1912.

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