Episode 84: The Bald Falcon

Amunhotep II (Part 6).

Around 1420 BCE, Amunhotep II was entering his last days on the throne. The King was in his early forties, and beginning to feel his age. It was time to look for a successor; but with so many children (10+) around, who was the King going to choose?


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Amunhotep II boat

A ceremonial boat of Amunhotep II, from his tomb in the Valley of the Kings (NPR)

2017.7.80 Amunhotep Sphinx met.jpg

A sphinx of Amunhotep, possibly from Karnak (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

2017.10.84 (2)

The mummy of the King, in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum (Theban Royal Mummy Project)

2017.10.84 (1)

The coffin and mummy of the king, early 20th Century (Theban Royal Mummy Project)


Amunhotep’s head, with signs of skin disease(?) on the neck and cheeks (Theban Royal Mummy Project)


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