Episode 83: The Brat Pack

Amunhotep II (Part 5)

The pharaoh Amunhotep II (c.1430 BCE) has a reputation for cronyism. He promoted friends and confidants to positions of influence and power, seemingly on the basis of familiarity rather than merit. This contrasts sharply with his father, making Amunhotep appear to be a shift in the politics of the time. What was happening? We find out…


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The tomb of Sen-nefer (all images copyright Osiris.net)


Sen-nefer and his sister Meryt before Osiris and Anubis.


Sen-nefer and his wife, Senet-nay


The amazing ceiling, decorated to look like grape-vines


Sen-nefer and his sister, Meryt.


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Osiris.net – the Tomb of Sen-nefer (TT96)




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