Episode 80: Servant of Great Gods

Amunhotep II (Part 4): Worshiping the Sphinx

Before he became King, Amunhotep II made a promise to revitalize worship at the Giza necropolis. Once Pharaoh, he fulfilled that promise in spectacular fashion…

2017.7.80AmunhotepSphinxmet-Banner (2)

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2017.7.80 P der Manuelian - Sphinx temple (giza archives dot org)

The Sphinx Temple of Amunhotep II (GizaPyramids.org)

2017.7.80 P der Manuelian - Sphinx temple 1

The Sphinx Temple of Amunhotep II, with limestone gateway and the Great Stela visible (GizaPyramids.org).

2017.7.80 Reshep (Wilkinson)

Reshep (Wilkinson 2003)

2017.7.80 Amunhotep Sphinx met - Banner

A small sphinx of Amunhotep II (Metropolitan Museum of Art)1953 Hassan - Fig 23

Selim Hassan (Bey) during excavations in 1936 (Hassan 1953)

2017.7.80 Pasquali p52

The Sphinx Temple of Amunhotep II (Hassan 1953)

2017.7.80 Pasquali p54

Doorway and ground-plan for Amunhotep II’s Sphinx Temple (Pasquali 2009)


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