Episode 78: The Duties of the Vizier

Amunhotep II (Part 2): The Pharaoh’s Servant.

The Vizier Rekh-mi-Re was a powerful and influential man. Serving Thutmose III, and then Amunhotep II, Rekhmire was the mayor of Thebes, and the Vizer (tjaty) of Upper Egypt. In his day, he dealt with judicial matters, administration, economics, petitions, and power politics. To his enduring credit, he recounted all of these in his tomb chapel; and so, we are able to deep-dive into some of the things which went on in the Egyptian Kingdom, circa 1440 BCE…

rekhmire_tt100_bs_38546Direct Download (Save As mp3)

Rekhmire from his Tomb (all photos: Osiris Net)


Rekh-mi-Re himself


Rekhmire’s boat, during (top) and after (bottom) his journey to visit the King.


Porters carrying goods for the funeral of Rekhmire (bottom)


Craftsmen fashioning objects, including furniture (top-left), shrines and statues (top-right), pottery/vases (bottom-left and bottom-right). These workers would come under Rekhmire’s jurisdiction, as his authority extended over many different production centres in Thebes.

neferweben - father of rekhmire - boston mfa

A granite statue of Nefer-weben, Rekhmire’s father (Boston MFA)


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