Mini Episode: Banquet Festivities

The Month of Cats and Snakes (The Religious Year 5/12).

The fifth month, Ta-Abet (“the banquet offering”) was a month for worshiping snakes and cats above all. In particular, the Egyptians celebrated the gods Nehebkau, Bastet, Mut and Wadjet. We meet three of these strange deities, and see why, for the Egyptians, cats and snakes went hand-in-hand (tail-in-paw?)…

5. Cat of Re (1)

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5. Nehebkau - Shorter 1935 (2)

5. Nehebkau - Shorter 1935

5. Nehebkau anthro

5. Nehebkau

Various forms of Neheb-kau (Wilkinson 2003).

5. Cat of Re

The “Great Cat of Re” slays the serpent-demon Apep (Apophis) (Wilkinson 2003).


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