Episode 77: Lean and Swift

Amunhotep II (Part 1): The Early Years

1459 to 1440 BCE. Amunhotep II enjoyed a privileged upbringing. He rode chariots, competed in sports activities, and even trained horses. When he ascended to power, he continued many of these habits. From the battle-field to the sports-field, Amunhotep II immediately set out to carve a distinct niche for himself. We go in search of his personality and his mindset…


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The tutor Min teaches Amunhotep II to shoot arrows at the target (Min-Project.com)


Amunhotep II, in limestone, at Karnak.


A golden ring of Amunhotep II: the King smites an enemy, the hieroglyphs spell his throne name (Aa-kheperu-Re) (Brooklyn Museum).

stela of usersatet - semna - mma 149640

The Semna Stela of User-Satet (Boston MFA)

Usersatet at Sehel Island - wikipedia

A text of User-Satet, Viceroy of Nubia, at Sehel (Wikipedia)


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