Episode 76: 54 Years of Splendour

Thutmose III (Part 10): The End of Days.

1450 to 1441 BCE. Thutmose enjoyed the last nine years of his rule with a spate of activity. He commanded a final expedition; oversaw construction work at many sites; brought his tomb to completion; and made arrangements for the succession.

Finally, the day came when Thutmose would face his creator…

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All images from Smith & Emery (1971 – 1979)



The Gebel Barkal. At far left, the “uraeus” promontory (Wikipedia)



The obelisk of Thutmose III in Istanbul (Photo: D.P.)


Thutmose III obelisk in Istanbul (Photo: D.P.)


Thutmose III obelisk in Istanbul (Photo: D.P.)

KV-34 – The Royal Tomb


The structure and shape of Thutmose III’s tomb (Richter 2008).

khekher frieze middle kingdom GI_wd_165

Part of the painted decoration from the tomb of Thutmose III.

Text from walls of Tomb of Thutmose III (KV34)

The god Sokar in the tomb of Thutmose III


The decoration of the “well-chamber” in the tomb of Thutmose III (My Luxor)


Re (in shrine) aboard his solar barge; Hathor accompanies: the tomb of Thutmose III (My Luxor)


The sarcophagus of Thutmose III (My Luxor)


The cartouche on the lid of Thutmose’s sarcophagus (My Luxor)



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