Mini Episode: Khoiak Festivities

The Religious Year (4/12).

The month of Khoiak (Ka hr Ka, “Ka upon Ka”) was a time to celebrate Osiris, Hathor and the god Sokar. As the flood season ended, the Egyptians looked to close the chapter on their re-enactment of the Osiris myth. They ended the season with a divine marriage, a craftsmen’s festival, and a rather macabre scavenger hunt…

4. khoiak - sokar - cover - smaller

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4. khoiak - sokar - wordpress

Sokar, in his mummified “Osiris” form (Wikipedia)

4. khoiak - sokar and sety i

Sety I (c.1300 BCE) worshipping Sokar, at the temple of Osiris in Abydos (Wilkinson 2003)

4. khoiak - sokar t3

Sokar, in the Underworld, from the tomb of Thutmose III (c. 1450 BCE) (Wilkinson 2003)

4. khoiak - djed 4

The Djed pillar, symbol of Osiris

4. khoiak - djed

Raising the Djed pillar (Tyson-Smith)

4. khoiak - djed 3

Raising the Djed pillar (Wikipedia)


Stuart Tyson-Smith, “Raising the Djed-Pillar” (PDF)

Richard H. Wilkinson, The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, 2003.

University College London – Khoiak (Website)

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology – Sokar (Website)

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  1. This was a wonderful episode. I viewed the exhibit of the excavation of Thonis-Heracleion that came to the US and so much of it related to the Khoiak festival, wish I had heard this podcast before going!

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