Mini Episode: Opet Festivities

The Religious Year (2/12).

In the month of Pa-Opet (“Phaophi”) the Egyptians continued their long re-enactment of the myth of Osiris. They also celebrated a huge festival in honour of the Pharaoh. And they mummifed a bunch of rams, for some reason…


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The processional way from Karnak (top, off-screen) to Luxor (bottom).


The Opet procession, in the time of Hatshepsut (UCLA)


Anukis (Wilkinson 2003)


John Darnell, “Opet Festival,” UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, 2010 (Online)

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Anthony Spalinger, “The Limitations of Formal Ancient Egyptian Religion,” Journal of Near Eastern Studies 1998 (JSTOR)

UCL Website – Festival Dates of Ancient Egypt (Online)

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