The Religious Year (2/12). In the month of Pa-Opet ("Phaophi") the Egyptians continued their long re-enactment of the myth of Osiris. They also celebrated a huge festival in honour of the Pharaoh. And they mummifed a bunch of rams, for some reason... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The processional way from Karnak (top, off-screen) to [...]

Thutmose III (Part 6): Personal Correspondence in Thebes. 148 - 1460 BCE. Letters are a rare and exciting find in Egyptian archaeology. Imagine our good fortune to possess an entire corpus from one individual: Ahmose, "Peniaty's man," a middle-class Egyptian living and working in the Egypt of Thutmose III.... Direct Download (Save As mp3) The letter of Ptahu [...]

February 2017. There have been some exciting discoveries in the recent archaeological season! We find out what they were. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Children's footprints in mortar, Qantir ( Entrance to the tomb of Khonsu, discovered at Luxor (Luxor Times) The legs that may belong to Queen Nefertari (LiveScience) Sources: - 'Monumental' Building [...]

Thutmose III (Part 5): The Sed-Festivals 1465 BCE. In regnal year 30, Thutmose celebrated his first jubilee. The King needed to renew his powers and re-enact his coronation. For this he would need a new monument, a few gods, and a baseball bat... Direct Download (Save As mp3) Bibliography J.G. Griffiths, "The Costume and Insignia [...]