Episode 68b: Deception at Joppa

The General Djehuty and his Marvellous Tricks

Sometime in the reign of Thutmose III, a siege took place at Joppa (Tel Aviv, Israel). The Egyptians, never quite mastering siege-craft, were starving their enemy out, when an unusual opportunity presented itself. Thinking quickly, the wily Djehuty made a cunning plan…


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The “face” of Djehuty, from his tomb at Saqqara.


A gold bowl (possibly fake) with the name and titles of Djehuty


A gold bracelet (genuine) of Djehuty, now in Leiden


The “Ashburnam Ring,” actually belonging to Djehuty, now in the British Museum


Israel in Roman times: Joppa is at far left, in Judea Province


An alabaster jar belonging to Djehuty, from his tomb at Saqqara (Louvre)



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