Thutmose III (Part 4): The Glorious Euphrates War. 1462 BCE. In regnal year 33, Thutmose demonstrated why we call him "the Napoleon of Egypt." He led a daring and audacious strike against his most deadly foes; this is the Eighth Campaign - one of the greatest in Egyptian history. Direct Download (Save As mp3) Thutmose's route [...]

Thutmose III (Part 3): Foreigners and Trade. 1465 BCE. We explore the world beyond the Egyptian Empire. Visiting the peoples of Crete (Keftiu), Cyprus (Alashiya) and Byblos (Kupna) we see what was happening beyond the realm of direct Egyptian rule. Oh, and there's a goofy poem at the end. Direct Download (Save As mp3) The [...]

It's been a good week for the preservation of artifacts! Egypt and the USA have signed a new agreement, one of the first of its kind, to fight illegal artifacts trading. The USA, where possible, will seize artifacts entering the country illegally (ie, smuggled or stolen - not things being sent to museums or exhibitions). [...]

Interlude: The General Djehuty and His Tricks. 1475 - 1450 BCE. Sometime in the reign of Thutmose III, a siege took place at Joppa (Tel Aviv, Israel). The Egyptians, never quite mastering siege-craft, were starving their enemy out, when an unusual opportunity presented itself. Thinking quickly, the wily Djehuty made a cunning plan... Direct Download (Save [...]