Blog: What the Dutch Are Up To.

Exciting things are happening in the Netherlands right now, specifically at the National Museum of Antiquities. New projects are underway, new exhibitions are on, and all kinds of awesome research is being undertaken to uncover new secrets!

Queens of the Nile & New Egyptian Galleries

The Museum is hosting a new exhibit, “Queens of the Nile” until April 2017. It features artifacts and artwork from the New Kingdom (c.1500 – 1000 BCE) and includes relics of Hatshepsut (episodes 61 to 66), Nefertiti (forthcoming) and many more!

Also, the Egyptian Galleries have re-opened after a period of restoration and renovation. See some of the highlights from their collection and galleries here.

Digital Temples & Relics

The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities are improving access to relics and monuments that are not currently on display. They’re doing this through the magic of augmented reality technology, allowing them to scan objects, convert them into digital media, and pop that into a virtual reality headset. Check it out!


Digital Crocodiles

In another, a new project to scan mummies is underway. It’s already bearing fruit, as this crocodile mummy reveals it contains not one but dozens of smaller mummies inside!


From the original press release:
The museum’s curator are excited about this remarkable find: ‘What was intended as a tool for museum visitors, has yet produced new scientific insights. When we started work on this project, we weren’t really expecting any new discoveries. After all, the mummy had already been scanned. It was a big surprise that so many baby crocodiles could be detected with high- tech 3D scans and this interactive visualization.’

Check it out!


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