Episode 67b: The Battle of Megiddo

Interlude: A Dramatic Reading

1473 BCE. With the help of some fellow podcasters, the story of Thutmose’s Megiddo Campaign comes to life. The result is a dramatic performance of Thutmose’s epic account, as it was written on the walls of Karnak Temple!


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Readings provided by:

  • Elias Belhaddad (The History of Islam)
  • Ben Jacobs (Wittenberg to Westphalia)
  • Travis J Dow (History of Germany)
  • Steve Guerra (History of the Papacy)
  • Thomas Daly (American Biography)
  • David Crowther (The History of England)
  • and Erik Fogg (ReConsider)


Toby Wilkinson, Writings from Ancient Egypt, 2016 (text).

Hans Goedicke, The Battle of Megiddo, 2000.

Donald B. Redford, The Wars in Syria and Palestine of Thutmose III, 2003.